Cloud Services & Web Hosting

Are hardware costs getting expensive?  Looking for ways to save money to do a much needed server upgrade?  We can help with that!  Our cloud services give you an option that is much less expensive than the cost of owning and managing your own hardware.  You can even host your website on the same server if desired.  We can also provide you with our very own content management service that will put you in total control of changes you need made without relying on a third party to do so.  We will train you on how to use our product.  Very little technical skills needed.

Ask about our special hosting service called AppCentral.  We can host any traditional desktop application that still gives the comfortable feel of being an application running directly on your local computer.  This can help lower your budget for computers as you no longer need powerful workstations.  With your applications centralized and in the cloud you can not conduct business and monitor your operation from anywhere using the software that you are comfortable with. Our technology also allows a traditional desktop application to be accessed via a browser thus allowing you to access your applications from any computer that can connect to the internet and has a browser.