Custom Software Application Development 

(Mid-Range, Client/Server, Cloud, Tablet, Smartphones)

Do you run your business on a software product purchased from a vendor?  Are you tired of paying the high cost of license fees and annual maintenance fees for a system that you can only use about 35% of its functionality?  We can help with that!  Get more bang for your buck by having a custom solution designed and tailor made to your organization's daily operation to streamline and maximize efficiencies.

We offer a cloud based ERP solution called the Enterprise Automated Support Environment also known as EASE.  This product can help you manage you business with ease.  Check out EASE at our website at

If you have a process you'd like to automate or streamline but can't find a product off-the-shelf, ask about our custom software development services.  We can build applications for any platform, whether its for your IBM iSeries (COBOL or RPG), Microsoft C#, Java, Mobile applications (Android or iOS) ISS can provide.  Find out how we can make a technology solution tailored to your business model at